Vanilla Swirl Cookies

Our Cookie Sandwiches are something you just have to try a bite of because you will be hooked! The cookies are all 2" squares with filling between two cookies and a special frosted topping.

The best part?! There’s nothing fake here. We use only the finest and freshest all-natural, organic and wholesome ingredients. All of our cookies are 100% Hand Made, 100% Hand Packaged, 100% Quality Ingredients, 100% Pure Deliciousness!!!

A true “experience” that will leave you wanting more and more…. you can’t just eat one.

You can order any number of cookies. They come packaged in small boxes of 1, 2 and/or 6. We will include the proper packaging required to meet the quantity you order. If you would like to provide specific packaging instructions, for example "10 boxes of 2 each", you can e-mail us and let us know your preference when you place your order. Special gift packaging will be added to the website soon.